Bringing Balance To Chaos
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Management Consulting

We love helping our clients with analytics, systems integration, process streamlining, and leveraging their existing tools and methods to realize their full productivity potential. Our consulting practice is built on a solid foundation of real world experiences, working with a variety of organization sizes and types, across a wide range industries and geographies. We're all about optimization.


Our unique, customized educational workshops and programs are ideal for business analysts and decision makers, and accounting, finance, and audit professionals who want to maximize their productive powers with the world’s number one business productivity software: Microsoft Excel. Live or online, our programs are based in real-world experiences—no “canned” workshops here!


We're never really "off spreadsheet." Whether it's sharing knowledge online or offline, hosting free events, traveling the world for pro speaking gigs or workshops, our shameless displays of hardcore Excel-love are always ON. We hope our passion inspires you to love Excel even more than you thought you could. Head over to Excel- Unfiltered  to experience the Excel-hilarity, or check out fearless leader Xszil and enjoy her other tips, tutorials & musings at the Excel.TV community.