Szilvia Juhasz, Founder & Education Director

Szilvia Juhasz small headshot.jpg

She's been called called a "nerd queen of epic standing" with "Forbes-worthy expertise and desk-side manner"... an "Excel wizard" who is equally helpful to the skilled and "Excel-challenged"...

It’s not uncommon for people to find love overseas...for Szilvia, it all started in Budapest, Hungary, where she was working as a staff auditor for a Big Four accounting firm. It was love at first spreadsheet. Far more than an endless scroll of columns and rows, she saw the potential to master a tool that could and would revolutionize business.

Author, speaker, consultant, and Excel-enthusiast. Szilvia Juhasz brings a heaping dose of wit, experience, and education to her mission: to rescue her profession out of the daily chaos of spreadsheet madness, and into a more enlightened world where the joys of modern data analytics can inform, explain, tell stories, and transform businesses. She believes her Excel themed cocktail collection will go a long way in supporting this effort, in particular when there are contracts to be signed.

As founder and Education Director of XSzil Consulting, Szilvia develops and delivers a variety of ready-to-go or fully customized training solutions to her clients. Even fancier...she designs the Excel front-end analytical tools and business reporting solutions that integrate with clients’ databases and business inteliigence systems. She has a longstanding career as a consultant for a variety of corporate, non-profit, and academic clients.

Better known simply as "XSzil,” Szilvia enjoys wise-cracking on Twitter and producing Excel-inspired, tech-parody music and jingles.